Hotel and restaurant complex Jam in Rakovets welcomes everyone interested to visit the restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine!

To taste dainty dishes cooked with special love and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the establishment, to feel the attentiveness and professionalism of the stuff, to relax and simply to eat out with relish and cheaply – all this waits for you at our restaurant.

In the picturesque suburb of Lviv it will be comfortably to have dinner in the family circle or to have animated fun in a big company, as our restaurant is suitably divided into several zones including banqueting hall for weddings and office parties.

The restaurant’s Interior is gently decorated in Ukrainian style and delights the eye with calm colours and refined elements of decoration.

Also in the territory of our complex there are some cozy arbors and a big lodge for 60 persons for a delightful relax in nature. Guests can taste delicious dishes cooked on a barbeque or to enjoy their own cooking on the barbeque.

Welcome to the chimney-corner of Jam!

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